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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Work at Home Jobs for 8/10/2016

ALWAYS check the company before sending out your resume and private information.

Work at Home Customer Service Jobs

Bi-lingual Customer Service Agent
Reservation Agents
Customer Product Support Advisor

Administrative Work at Home Jobs

Tech PR Admin

Work at Home Development and Engineers

PHP Developer

Work at Home Translators

American Sign Language Interpreter
Danish Interpreter

Work at Home Financial Jobs

Escrow Transaction Specialist

Work at Home Transcriptionist Jobs

Medical Transcriptionist

Work at Home Education Jobs

Elementary Math Content Editors
Art Teacher
Teacher Jobs

Work from Home Purchasing Jobs


Friday, August 5, 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Work from Home Jobs List for 8/2/2016

Current Work at Home Jobs

Customer Service
Customer Support Specialist
Data Scientist
Foreign Language Adjunct Teacher
Freelance Script Writer
Health Coach
Legal Counsel
Medical Coding
Mystery Shopper (telephone)
Online Crowd Worker
Sales Executive
Speech Language Pathologist
Ticket Puller

The Right Work at Home Attitude

Working from home isn't for everyone. Sometimes people just need to be in the office with other people to be able to ask questions and have that sense of community. If you work from home, you might get bored. If you do, then telecommuting probably isn't for you.

If you don't get bored easily working from home and you love the work, then dive right in. Remember, it is sometimes difficult to measure your success when you're working from home and that sometimes hinders your ability to feel or desire to be successful. All you need to do is put keep up your motivation. Write down your goal in front of you and hang it on your wall. Think about it daily and make sure it is something attainable, but make it bigger every time you reach it. Always aim for the next step.

Motivate yourself by surrounding yourself with other people with the same goals. Find a positive business board online where you can sneak out to during your break and say "hi" to others. Don't get caught up spending all day there, but chat for a few minutes. Don't forget to stretch and go outside, too.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Work at Home Jobs List for August 1, 2016

Clinical Documentation Specialists
Virtual Teacher (Spanish/California)
Virtual Teacher (Ohio)
Write Slogans
Director of Customer Service
Dance Blogger
Front End Developer
Customer Service Rep
Record Phone Calls

Keep Your Machine Virus Free

When working from home, remember to always keep your equipment ready. Running a really good virus program is very important. Personally, I like to have a work from home machine separate from a machine that I use for gaming and browsing. That way I can be sure no viruses or undesirable people actually get on my office machine. Not only is it safer, but if you are an independent contractor paying your own taxes then technically you cannot write off your machine if you use it for other purposes. Always check with your tax adviser before jumping into any decisions.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Work from Home Jobs List for 7/31/2016

Part time national customer service for tennis league
Internet Researcher
Tech PR Admin
Online Fundraising Consultant

I hope your Sunday is nice and relaxing! Just a short list for you today as the Internet doesn't bustle with jobs on Sundays like the paper does.

Happy job hunting!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Work at Home Jobs for 7/30/2016

Today's Telecommute Jobs List

Customer Service Rep
Part Time Home Based Sales Specialist
Reservations Agent (AZ)
Content Screener
Phone Auditor
Search Support Specialist
Tech Lead
Customer Care Representative
Marketing Research Interviewer
Medical Transcriptionist
Reporting Analyst

Should You Find Day Care When Working from Home?

Honestly, I think you should find day care when working from home because your full attention should be with the company you are working for. You cannot work at a call center job when you have a baby crying for a bottle in the background nor can you just put the phone down and go off line when you need to change a diaper.

With that said, there are some jobs that you can do with a baby on your lap or ones you can pause what you are doing and tend to your family. Some online chat jobs, marketing, search assistant jobs, etc. that do not require a phone are examples of where this might be possible. Remember, though, you must give your attention to the job you are doing and finish on a timely basis. Just because you are working from home doesn't mean that you are available for other people. You are still getting paid for your time by another person and that requires dedication to the job.

If you cannot effectively spend your time working while at home then you will need to find help with the kids.

Helpful Equipment

While you are working from home, you might need a headset. Using a headset with two ear pieces makes it a lot easier to hear customers over the phone. It is also good to have a noise canceling mic so customers cannot hear the ambient noises around you.

Companies that Hire Work at Home Moms

Product Reviews for Work at Home Moms