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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Work from Home Jobs List for 7/31/2016

Part time national customer service for tennis league
Internet Researcher
Tech PR Admin
Online Fundraising Consultant

I hope your Sunday is nice and relaxing! Just a short list for you today as the Internet doesn't bustle with jobs on Sundays like the paper does.

Happy job hunting!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Work at Home Jobs for 7/30/2016

Today's Telecommute Jobs List

Customer Service Rep
Part Time Home Based Sales Specialist
Reservations Agent (AZ)
Content Screener
Phone Auditor
Search Support Specialist
Tech Lead
Customer Care Representative
Marketing Research Interviewer
Medical Transcriptionist
Reporting Analyst

Should You Find Day Care When Working from Home?

Honestly, I think you should find day care when working from home because your full attention should be with the company you are working for. You cannot work at a call center job when you have a baby crying for a bottle in the background nor can you just put the phone down and go off line when you need to change a diaper.

With that said, there are some jobs that you can do with a baby on your lap or ones you can pause what you are doing and tend to your family. Some online chat jobs, marketing, search assistant jobs, etc. that do not require a phone are examples of where this might be possible. Remember, though, you must give your attention to the job you are doing and finish on a timely basis. Just because you are working from home doesn't mean that you are available for other people. You are still getting paid for your time by another person and that requires dedication to the job.

If you cannot effectively spend your time working while at home then you will need to find help with the kids.

Helpful Equipment

While you are working from home, you might need a headset. Using a headset with two ear pieces makes it a lot easier to hear customers over the phone. It is also good to have a noise canceling mic so customers cannot hear the ambient noises around you.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to Have a Professional Phone Interview - Work at Home Jobs for 7/28/2016

How to Have a Professional Work at Home Phone Interview

While many companies are trying to save money by hiring overseas, many are hiring right here in your own home. Don't use this an excuse to be lazy in your attire. Sometimes what you wear to work, even if it is in your own bedroom or kitchen table, makes a huge difference on how you act over the phone.

Make sure you are ready for the interview process. After setting a time, pick something out to wear that is professional. Many telecommute job interviews are just done over the phone and people often wear pajamas to their interview. Be honest though, how do PJ's really make you feel? Do they give you the upbeat, professional attitude? Not usually. They are more likely to make you feel comfortable and lax.

Dress in something comfortable, but make it business like. Be savvy, and professional. Put on some lipstick and do your hair. Most of all, when you speak during your interview, smile. It is a lot easier to be nervous when they can't see you, but it really will show in your voice. Smile and enjoy your phone interview.

Work at Home Jobs for July 28, 2017

Lead Manager

Legal Writers

Technical Sales Associate

Style Freelance Writer

Customer Marketing Wrangler

Senior Software Engineer

Medical Transcriptionist

Social Media Internet Assessor

Customer Service Representative III

Guest Services Representative

Cool Work from Home Cooking

If you're spending a lot of hours away from the kitchen when you're working from home then you might want to invest in a crock-pot. They're really easy to fill up with meat and veggies then leave on until you're ready to feed the family. If you're doing all of the cooking and working then a crock-pot can make life a whole lot easier.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Work at Home Jobs for July 25, 2016

Never accept a work at home position that requires you to cash a check for the company then send the money back. This is a huge scam done by individuals, terrorists, and organized crime groups. If you ever receive a check in the mail that asks you to cash and send the change back, don't do it. You will most likely never see the product and the check will be bad. You will be required to pay the bank back the money for the company's bad check and it will go against your credit rating. Also, if they use the money for illegal activities then you could also be liable or guilty of an accesory to whatever crime these people are committing.

Telecommute Jobs List for 7/25/2016

User Happiness Champion

iOS Developer

UHaul Hitch Central Agent

Clinical Care Manager

Customer Service Associate

iBotta Customer Support (Colorado only)

Part Time Call Center at CVS (PA only)

Project Manager - Electronic Medical Records


Monday, July 18, 2016

Work from Home Job Ads for 7/18/2016

Working from home can be very exciting if the right opportunity is found. Many companies today are hiring people to work from the comfort of their own home to save money on office space. Most positions do require a computer, internet access, and a quiet workspace. Make sure that you have all of the requirements before you apply.

Cookbook Photo Editor

Freelance Technical Writer

Member Care Representative (Nordstrom)

Music Adjunct Teacher, 2016-2017 School Year

Part-time Spanish Tutor

Virtual Assistant

World Languages

Work from Home Customer Service Representative

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Work at Home Jobs for July 14, 2016

When investing in work at home equipment, make sure that it is comfortable. Sitting at a desk all day working, whether it is from home or not, can be very painful. You want to make sure that your desk, chair, and keyboard are all easy to access and keep your back straight.

I know, sometimes it IS easy to work from the couch, but you want to make sure your voice gives a professional presence and the best way to accomplish this is to sit in a professional way while speaking to others.

PHP Engineer

Work from Home Provider Reimbursement Specialist

TRICARE Warrior Case Manager

Work at Home Solutions Agent

Director/Resource Development and Club Consulting



Executive Assistant

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